Your September eZupdates!

Your September eZupdates!

Each month eZmax will be providing you with eZupdates. This is your monthly column that highlights features within the system and tips on how to apply them.

For all our users:

  • Heads up…you can connect to your eZmax account from any device, however, only one device at a time! If you log on two devices at the same time, you will be disconnected.

For all our agents:

  • Want your signature to always be included in your communications to your clients? Make sure to set up your automated signature by going to Tools / Change Your Preferences.
  • Here’s a situation that may be familiar…you see in your eZsign file the Green Check Mark indicating that you sent a document to your EDM.  But when you go to the EDM file, you can’t see the said document…where is it? Click on the Calendar icon next to the Green Check Mark and see to what file you actually sent the document.

For all our Admins:

  • If you need to quickly see the transactions with pending conditions, simply refer to the  “List of Scheduled Closing Dates” report which you will find in your Administrative Reports.  All the conditional transactions will be identified with a “C”.  You can search for specific dates.  You can search for specific agents or all…up to you!
  • Here’s a great short cut to changing a recurring charge to your agents.  If for example, you want to increase the admin fees you are charging, no need to waste time in changing each individual agent file, simply use the “Change Invoicing Costs in Batch” feature which you will find in the Accounts Receivable menu.  Always looking to save you some time!

Stay tuned to next month’s eZupdates as we share more insight into how to get the best out of the eZmax solutions.

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