Your September eZupdates

Your September eZupdates

Here are 5 new tips to help eZmax users get the most out of their real estate office solution.  

Be sure to check out past eZupdates posts for even more tips, ideas and how-tos for all users in the brokerage.    


For Admin:

  • New feature alert! Introducing the Favorites menu.

This feature provides brokerages the option of having quick and easy access to all of their favorite reports.

Using this feature gives users a shortcut to quickly access their favorite reports from the new Favorites tab.

Additionally, if users prefer to rename certain reports, in the favorite menu, to a term that is easier to recognize, this also can be done.

To configure your Favorites tab, please contact us at 1-844-433-9629.

  • Employee information

Employees can now view their information such as their time sheets, pay slips, T4s, etc. Many brokerages have found this to be a safer method to transmit information to their employees.

If interested, employees must request this access to their administrators.

  • Express invoicing modify option

eZmax understands that mistakes can happen. After you’ve charged an agent via the express invoicing, you are now able to edit and make changes if necessary.



Introducing new features for eZsign.

For All:

  • Document Link Validity

When you add a document to your eZsign account that needs to be signed, the default validity of the document’s link is now 5 days. There is also an option to modify the link’s validity from 1 to 60 days.

  • Reminders to sign 

When you send a document, by default, the signatory will get daily reminders that there is a document that needs to be signed.  

You can choose to change this frequency to: None, Daily or Once a Week.  

For Admin: 

  • Batch Payments to Suppliers  

We now have batch payments for suppliers. This feature makes it easy for you to be able to pay your suppliers. 

You can regroup your suppliers.  

Let’s say you want to do a payout to your suppliers on the first of the month, you can regroup your suppliers according to the payment method or date.  

  • Have your electronic signatures simulate handwritten signatures.  

You now have the option to format the signature and/or initials blocs in a cursive writing style!  

  • Speed up your document preparation process by using the template feature.  

Create templates for documents you frequently send out for signatures.  Place the signature blocks as you would when preparing the document to be sent out for signatures and save it as a template.   Now, every time you need to send out that same type of document, no need to manually add the signature blocs, simply load the template, assign a role to each signatory and send.  

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