Your October eZupdates

Your October eZupdates

Here are 5 new tips to help eZmax users (agents and admins alike) get the most out of their real estate office solution.   

Be sure to check out past eZupdates posts for even more tips, ideas and how-tos for all users in the brokerage.     

For Agents:  

  • Maximize your usage of eZmax 

As soon ayou open the eZmax app, you will see all of your reminders on the home page. You’ll be able to view all your listings and conditions that are about to expire and see if your brokerage has sent you any messageregarding your transactions. You also won’t want to miss out on any special messages from eZmax to users, so make sure to open the app daily.  

  • Save some clicks with our integrations!  

A reminder that eZsign offers you the option to integrate with Webforms and InstanetformsActivate this useful feature and save yourself some time! Once you’ve completed and finalized your documents, you can directly send your Wedforms or Instanetforms document straight to eZsign.  No need to download your Webforms or Instanetforms document, save it and upload it to eZsign separately 

  • Getting ready for your trimestrial tax reporting 

Generate reports whenever you need it, instead of having to wait every quarter! eZmax makes it easier for you to generate an Excel sheet (or PDF) with all of your expenses and revenues related to all your real estate transactions. On the eZmax app, navigate to the Finance Menu/Agent Tax Report, choose your dates and generate the report 

For Admins:  

  • Generate monthly Tax Reports for your agents  

Previously, agents were only able to generate their tax reports for the months their admins had ran their Tax Reports for, which is usually every quarter. With this feature, make their lives easier by allowing them to generate their Tax Reports for any given period, instead of the regular trimestrial basis. 

  • Avoid over paying your agents  

eZmax allows you to do commission deductions for your agents such as HST holdbacks, garnishees, etc. When your agent asks for their money back, always run a commission’s deduction report to date, to see the actual amount sitting in their GL account at the time of reimbursement.  This way you are sure to avoid over paying your agents. 

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