Your November eZupdates

Your November eZupdates

Here are 5 new tips to help eZmax users (agents and admins alike) get the most out of their real estate office solution.

Be sure to check out past eZupdates posts for even more tips, ideas and how-tos for all users in the brokerage.

For Agents:

  • Sticky notes

The eZmax app actually has a sticky notes feature called File Notes. Use this feature if you ever need a notification to appear on your eZmax homepage to be reminded of an item related to your transactions. Simply add a Note and set the reminder date.

  • Your stats at a glance!

The end of the year is fast approaching and you may have some goals to achieve. Or are you curious about your performance for the year? By clicking on the “Statistics” button in the main menu of the application, eZmax offers several charts allowing brokers to compare performance from year to year.

  • Standard Document… a step further than a template!

When you have a document that never changes and the location of the requested actions (signature, initial …) is always the same, you can use what is called a “Standard Document”. With this feature, you no longer need to upload the document to eZsign, no need to select your template and no need to add signature fields manually. Once programmed, the “Standard Document” will save you a lot of time!

  • eZmax’s Tutorial Video Hub

The new tutorial video hub is now available for all agents! Maximize your usage of eZmax with short How To videos and get answers to frequently asked questions. Access the eZmax tutorial video hub by clicking here.

For Admins:

  • Quick answers to your questions: online documentation!

By going to your help button in eZmax, you can now access the online documentation. You can search for articles by category or enter keywords in the search bar. You can also download these articles to your computer by clicking the download link and save the articles for future reference.

  • Send documents to the notary with 2 email addresses faster than ever!

After receiving feedback from our clients, it is now possible to send documents to the notary from more than one email simultaneously from the EDM. No need to manually add the second email address to each send. All you have to do is add the second address directly in the notary’s contact form and check the EDM box next to the email address. When sending documents, both email addresses will appear!

For Agents and Admins:

  • eZsign: Automated sending of completed documents to a “non-signatory” person

It is now possible to add to the list of signatories of an eZsign file, people who will not sign, but who will be able to automatically receive the signed documents as soon as they are completed. It’s just a matter of checking a small box next to the person’s name to be sure that the system will do the sending you want!

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