Your May eZupdates!

Your May eZupdates!

Each month eZmax will be providing you with eZupdates. This is your monthly column that highlights features within the system and tips on how to apply them.

For all our agents:

  1. Download eZmax on as many devices as you wish…cellular, tablets, computer and access your files from anywhere!
  2. Stay on top of your numbers. You can produce your own Report of Income Forecast for a summarized or detailed view on your upcoming revenues.  Just go to your Finance menu and select “Report of Income Forecast”.
  3. AGENT QUIZZ:  You uploaded documents to an eZsign file, but when the time comes to send the documents for e-signatures, you don’t have that option…why? Because you forgot to add the signature blocs on one of the documents in the file. Simply add the signature blocs and you’ll be able to send your file.

For all our admin:

  1. You want to hold back taxes for your agents? Not only will eZmax make it easy for you, you can now do the holdbacks on the NET commission amount.  Since most agents pay commission fees, this feature is likely to be welcomed! If you wish to better understand how this feature works, please contact our customer service!    
  2. Here’s a great report to generate in eZmax that will give you your office’s expected revenue on upcoming transactions: Report Income Forecast. Go check it out!!

Stay tuned to next month’s eZupdates as we share more insight into how to get the best out of the eZmax solutions.

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