Your March eZupdates!

Your March eZupdates!

Each month eZmax will be providing you with eZupdates. This is your monthly column that highlights features within the system and tips on how to apply them.

For all our users:

  1. Want to follow the security recommendation for passwords, make sure to change your eZmax login password once in a while by clicking on the Admin menu on the top part of your screen and select “Change password”.  Don’t forget that you could “Save” your password the next time you log on!

  2. If you haven’t already heard the great news, we recently transferred eZmax data to our Amazon data centres here in Canada.  Not only does this change improve our system’s performance and increase our data security, it will also enable us to manage and support our continuous growth and technological development of the product. Here’s to advancement!

  3. Calls at the customer support service show us that our users don’t all use the eZmax integrated scanning system to its fullest…Do you know that you CAN scan directly in eZmax and you can scan more than one document at a time into your paperless solution (EDM)? Try it now, and save some time!!

For agents:

  1. Did you know that from your agent portal you have access to your financials? Want to see how much commission you earned in 2018? No need to go through your brokerage, simply go to the “Finance” button, click on “Remunerations Report”, key in the targeted dates and click on submit.  
  2. We are integrated with both InstanetForms (Québec) and Webforms (all other provinces) enabling you to send finalized forms directly into eZsign to proceed with their electronic signatures.  No need to save the documents on your computer.  

Stay tuned to next month’s eZupdates as we share more insight into how to get the best out of the eZmax solutions.

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