Your March eZupdates

Your March eZupdates

This month’s eZupdates include a few of the most commonly asked questions by Administrators. 

We’re covering tips and tricks on everything you need to know about how to share documents in eZmax, how to stay on top of your tasks by using the Notes feature, and why and when you should run the Sub Ledger Report. 

1. Internal documents

Are there documents you would like to share with your agents and admin colleagues? Do it in eZmax via the “Internal Document Management” module which you will find by clicking on the “General” menu in your toolbar.  Create a folder, upload your documents or videos and determine who gets to see it – agents, admin staff, controller – you choose! 

2. Charging back a salary

When you do your payroll, it is possible to automatically chargeback an employee’s salary to an agent or a team.  This will come in handy, for example if you have an employee assigned to managing a team’s transactions. Ultimately, you can get the agents to pay for all or a portion of the employee’s salary.    

3. Admin Notes

A feature that many users enjoy is “Notes”.  This of course has the same use as “post-its” would on paper and can be used in most areas of the system.  Also, keep in mind that these “Notes” are not visible to agents but are to all admin staff. Also, you can set a reminder on the note and receive a notification on the set date. 

4. Subledger Report

The “Subledger Report” which you will find under “General Ledger” should be run at the end of the day after completing commission calculations and deposits for commissions receivable.  You will see on this report any transactions where there are differences between the two. Ultimately, this report should be empty, so if a transaction appears in this report, it requires your attention!

Stay tuned for next month’s eZupdates and be sure to check out our real estate blog for more on how to maximize the use of your eZmax solution. 

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