Your June eZupdates

Your June eZupdates

This month, our eZupdates feature quick tips and tricks for agents and administrators to help you be the most efficient in your eZmax solution. 

For Agents

  • Buyer’s Contract 

When you have a Buyer’s Contract, you may have to do several offers for that buyer.  Create only one file for your Buyer’s Contract and create as many Deals as required right from there.  All your buyer’s offers will stay linked to the Buyer’s Contract file. 

  • Seller’s address

More often than not, a Seller’s address is the same as the Listing address.  In those cases, when you add a new Seller to a transaction, you can simply click on “Import” at the bottom of the contact sheet.  This will auto-populate the address information to match the Listing address. 

  • Enter postal code and house number, the rest auto-populates

We were surprised to know that many users still don’t know that when you enter an address in a transaction, all you need to do is to first enter the postal code, then the house number and the rest will auto-populate. Voila!

For Users

  • PDF versus Link

Here’s something a lot of people don’t know and proves to be quite useful: if you send the documents in a link format, you will know if the recipient actually downloads the link or not.  Simply click on the “history” icon linked to the document sent and if it was downloaded, the time and date of the download will be indicated.  

  • Postal Codes

Searching for a postal code while entering a contact? No need to get out of eZmax, instead use the Postal Code Search feature, which you will find in your “Tools” menu.  

Check back next month for more on how to make the most out of your eZmax solution. While you’re here, take a look through previous eZupdates to learn more!

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