Your July eZupdates!

Your July eZupdates!

Each month eZmax will be providing you with eZupdates. This is your monthly column that highlights features within the system and tips on how to apply them.

For all our agents:

  1. When you have multiple offers, you can now easily identify them since each Deal Tab is now labelled with the Buyer’s name…no more guessing or clicking for nothing!
  2. If you’re looking for a summary of your commission deductions or recurring charges, no need to go through your admin…print out your “Personal Record” which you’ll find in the “Tools” menu on your portal.   In addition, your “Personal Record” will display your pending commissions and commissions to date! 

For all our admins:

  1. Producing a report? From the transfer box simply start typing the name you want to query, then double-click on it to select it!
  2. With eZmax you can pay an invoice to a supplier and re-bill your agent(s), a team, a group or even an external client.  That’s right…create a purchase, select who will be re-billed, pay your supplier and create an invoice in one single action! 

For all our admin/agents:

  1. Stop searching for information on an eZmax page… click on CTRL + F (on a Windows) or Command + F (on a MAC) to activate the Find command.  Type in the word you are looking for on any page in eZmax and/or eZsign to accelerate your search.  

Stay tuned to next month’s eZupdates as we share more insight into how to get the best out of the eZmax solutions.

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