Your July eZupdates

Your July eZupdates

Here are 5 new tips to help eZmax users get the most out of their real estate office solution. Be sure to check out past eZupdates posts for even more tips, ideas and how-tos for all users in the brokerage.  


Tracking the brokerage’s conditional sales is not only important but very easy with eZmax.  A notification with the number of conditional deals will be displayed on your home page.  By clicking on this number you will be able to sort the transactions either by condition type or by condition due date…the choice is yours!


Unclutter your list of closed deals! eZmax offers you the option to archive closed deals in order to reduce the number of transactions displayed when searching the system.   Go to the “Real Estate” menu, select “Archive Files of Closed Deals”, and enter the desired time period up to which you wish to archive the records.


Our goal is always to reduce the number of “clicks” you have to make when working in eZmax. So here’s a tip that will help…When checking a listing file, if you need to add the seller’s address and it is the same as the property for sale, just click on the “Import” button in the “New Contact” window and the address will auto-complete.  Just one click!


Our trusted combination of encryption, authentication, audit trails and time-stamping means that our e-signatures have the same legal validity as paper signatures, protecting your business in the event of a dispute.


Consolidate all communications regarding a transaction in one place! When you need to communicate information to your office regarding a transaction, no need to send a text message, to email or call…do it directly from the “Comments” section of your eZmax file.  All these communications remain in the history of the transaction, so you will always know where to find all exchanges between you and the office!


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