Your April eZupdate: Everything eZsign

Your April eZupdate: Everything eZsign

Your April eZupdate is here! This month, we’ve compiled a list of eZsign tips and tricks to set you up for success. 

Signing Language:

eZsign is bilingual. If you have a transaction in which one client is an anglophone and the other is a francophone, it is possible for each signatory to receive the signing instructions in their preferred language. When you create your signatories, simply assign a specific language to their profile and we will communicate all instructions to them in that language.

Communications Management:

When you send documents via eZsign or eZmax, the history of the communications is kept in the transaction.  You can see the emails sent by clicking on the Communications section.   

eZsign Subscription – Brokerage Change:

If you use eZsign and plan on changing brokerages, make sure to call the eZmax Customer Support Team to let us know and to request that we transfer all of your eZsign contacts to your new account. 

Searching in eZsign:

When you can’t find a file in eZsign, using the search function allows you to search for a file via the “File Name”, the “Document Name” or the “Signatory Name”.  

eZsign email not received:

If a signatory claims that they did not receive the eZsign email you sent, it is likely because of one of these reasons:

  1. A mistake was made when entering the email address.  In which case, simply correct and send the email again. 
  2. The email went to the recipient’s spam or junk mailbox. Ask them to check their folders. 
  3. A change was made in the file and the link is no longer valid.  When this happens, simply “Send Documents” again.  

Not set up with eZsign? Read more about the benefits of eZsign for your business. Or contact our team today to get started!

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