Time is money

Time is money

The success of your business can be affected by one common theme-time. Time in the market, time to close, time available to  build your lead database, time it takes for you to have insight into your business, time it takes you to serve your clients. There are other ways that time can affect your business, but the bottom line is…time is money.

Having solutions that are easy, connected and unified is at the core of eZmax and the key driver of helping agents and brokerages maximize their time and their money. Here is a good tip on how your agents and admins can work better to save time and close more deals.

Ensure you have a seamless transfer of all documents from your EDM to your signature platform to speed up your time to close.

e-Signatures are designed to help you close your deals in a more timely and efficient manner. It removes the days of having to chase down the buyer, travel from multiple locations, manage multiple documents and deal with a dependence on fax machines. It also gives you a competitive advantage. These days, your clients are very tech-savvy and have certain expectations during any transaction they make.

Having your e-Signature tool is step one in creating a better process in your business. The next step is ensuring that you remove any barriers from getting your document transferred from your EDM to your e-Signature platform. Every agent should look for a way to ensure easy transfer. eZsign allows all agents to send their documents from their EDM to eZsign by one click of a button AND they can choose the location to send it to.

When building your tech-savvy, competitive business always ask yourself ‘is this the most efficient way of doing things’.  If you would like to chat with one of our eZreps to see how you can improve your business and seamlessly transfer your documents from your EDM to your e-Signature platform contact us today!

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