The Importance of Partnership in Technology Transitions

The Importance of Partnership in Technology Transitions

The perception of how a change in technology will play out in your organization may be entirely different from that of your employees. While you may envision a slow and steady trajectory, they may anticipate a rollercoaster of ups and downs. The reality is that it will likely be somewhere in the middle and it is different for every company. The right technology company should manage your expectations at every stage of the transition to mitigate uncertainty and close the gap between perception and reality.

Be sure to ask technology candidates about their approach to change management and what type of support they offer throughout the implementation phase. The value of this support should not be minimized in your decision making as it can significantly influence the deployment timeline and employee satisfaction. Unforeseen challenges are inevitable when changing from one solution to another and should be expected. But when issues arise, ideally the provider should help you work through these
challenges and not leave you stranded to troubleshoot on your own.

eZmax works in partnership with its clients to ensure a successful transition. Throughout implementation, eZmax operates as an extension of a client’s business, working together towards a shared goal. Conducting an in-office assessment at the onset enables eZmax to identify a client’s unique needs and processes to inform a customized implementation plan. To ensure a seamless experience for solution administrators, eZmax works with your office to help migrate over the needed data from your old systems. With experience migrating hundreds of offices, eZmax is prepared to help make your data migration as worry-free as possible.

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