The expectation is exceptional service: How do you measure up?

The expectation is exceptional service: How do you measure up?

In real estate, the demands for exceptional service from you as a broker/owner are high.  Outstanding service is your key to success in an industry that is constantly challenging you to show your value. Then enters the disruptors like Zillow, PurpleBricks and discount brokerages. So, how do you stand out in this crowd? Your service!

Real estate is a service industry: Would your clients say that your brokerage specializes in exceptional service?

A 2016 study by Accenture showed that $1.6 trillion was lost by U.S. businesses due to poor customer service. Exceptional service doesn’t just happen. You have to provide effective support to your agents through the right technology and processes so your agents can provide a superior level of service that your clients deserve. 

Do you have the right technology in place to deliver value to your agents and provide a positive user experience?

To provide exceptional service you need to expect the same level of service from the partners that work with your brokerage. Consider your office technology providers: back office accounting and management software, transaction management, office communication, and more – are you getting what you need from each of them?

Here are some questions to consider when choosing the right service partner for your business:

  • Is your current provider (or providers) delivering exceptional service to you and your agents? 
  • Do they care about your business?
  • Do they care about how your time is spent? 
  • Do your agents feel supported or are they frustrated using the technology you are currently using to support your office? 
  • Do your software partners understand the level of service excellence that you provide and expect in return?

If you’re unsure of any of these answers or if you answered no to even one of these questions, it’s time to reconsider the technology partner you’ve chosen to support your business. 


When choosing the right technology for your business, look beyond features and benefits. 

Features and benefits are obviously important to any technology platform you implement but the reality is, those features and benefits will only take a good product so far. You need to take the time to look for greatness. 

What does greatness look like from a technology partner? The technology and software is critical. But you also have to think about the level of service you’re going to receive. 

After all, you live and breathe in a service industry and should expect the same from your own business partners. Go beyond and get to know the people behind the scenes; the ones who will support you in achieving and maintaining your exceptional service level. A study by RightNow showed that 73% of customers fall in love with a brand because of the experience they receive from the customer service representatives. 

A great way to get to know the people is to ask other people who’ve worked with them. Customer referrals can go a long way in helping you make the right decision for your business. For example, eZmax recently heard from James Fong, Owner/Manager, RE/MAX Distinction “We greatly appreciate the eZmax software. It is easy to use and really simplifies the management of a real estate brokerage. After-sales service is excellent; all of our questions have been answered speedily and courteously.”

A customer referral can be the difference between good to great. And when 89% of companies compete based on the customer experience, according to Gartner, you better hope that your customers are shouting from the rooftops about your unmatched, exceptional service. 

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