RE/MAX Actif Inc. switched to eZmax; The Results are Priceless!

RE/MAX Actif Inc. switched to eZmax; The Results are Priceless!

We recently connected with Broker/Owner, Micheline Beaugrand of RE/MAX Actif Inc. in Saint-Bruno, QC,. Her brokerage of 40 agents switched to eZmax to manage their accounting, transaction management, electronic document management (EDM) and electronic signatures solutions. We asked Micheline why she chose eZmax. 

“We were using other solutions, but we had so many duplicates of tasks that it had become unmanageable and inefficient,” shared Beaugrand. “When we switched to eZmax, we were able to integrate all of the tasks into one system and streamline processes, resulting in incredible time and cost savings.”

In addition to increased productivity and cost savings, thanks to the streamlined, integrated process that eZmax enabled for RE/MAX Actif Inc., they also benefited from exceptional customer service.

“The eZmax team is dedicated to serving its customers to ensure we become as efficient as possible, as quickly as possible,” Beaugrand continued. “Their extensive training program, extended support hours, and commitment to exceptional service is nothing short of priceless. We couldn’t be happier about our decision to move to eZmax.”

If you’re looking for a new brokerage technology to help manage the operations of your business, learn more about eZmax. 

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