How eZmax changed the future for Royal LePage du Quartier

How eZmax changed the future for Royal LePage du Quartier

Royal LePage du Quartier is an 85 agent brokerage with two locations. For years they used three separate systems to run the office accounting, back office, transaction management and internal communications. At the time, processes worked but the leadership team quickly realized the disconnected systems were not efficient in helping them grow, and more importantly manage growth, the administrative costs, and the demands on the business that come with that growth. 

So the hunt began for a better way. 

After much research, it was clear to the brokerage leadership that the only choice to make was eZmax – it would combine the efforts of the three systems they had in place into one easy to use, reliable system. The stability and functionality of the system meant staff would be set up for a successful transition to a new platform, mitigating the fear of change. But more importantly, they had even more confidence after meeting the eZmax team and seeing their commitment to making a positive change in the industry. They knew the eZmax team would support them throughout the transition and data migration. 

“It wasn’t an entirely easy process,” stated Nazlee Besarah, Office Administrator with responsibility for brokerage operations. “In fact, some points of the transition were really hard. One of our old suppliers blocked our access to our data causing significant stress. Not everything went according to plan.” 

“But when we assessed our overall operations, and remembered why we are moving on and the fact that it was not eZmax that caused the challenges, it was old systems and old processes, the need for change was even more apparent,” she continued.

Why eZmax?

“The team at eZmax was with us all the way,” Nazlee professed. “In the end the change was awesome.” 

The new system allowed the brokerage to clean up office processes, adjust staffing and further align job roles, ultimately creating more efficiency for the brokerage. The system’s ease of use streamlined operations – resulting in a big win for the brokerage.

Support for agents 

Even agents at Royal LePage du Quartier are experiencing the benefits of the new office solution. “The support from the eZmax team to our staff and agents is amazing,” said Nazlee. Frequently, brokerages experience the most resistance to technology changes from their agents. That wasn’t the case for Royal Lepage du Quartier. “Once our agents saw how easy the system was to use, they were in. And, the eZmax team made it very simple for agents to ask questions and get help right away if they need it, just by opening a support session right in the program.”

The responsiveness of a technical support team can often make or break the buy-in from new users. “The eZmax team demonstrated their responsiveness and expertise to our agents and even took over agents’ screens to help walk them through exactly what to do. Our agents really appreciate the eZmax system and the readily available exceptional support.”

The dawn of a new day! How life is different with eZmax. 

When you go from multiple data entry points and separate programs to the simplicity of one location for all information, it changes how you work. 

“The best impact on my day is having everything in one location,” shared Nazlee. “I open eZmax and everything is there for me to see documents, do payouts, approvals, and holds. And I know that everyone in the company is in the same system at all times.”

The most effective brokerage technologies enable effective communication, collaboration, accuracy, and efficiency. 

“A great example of efficiency is proven in simply fewer emails to manage. I add an electronic note to a file in our eZmax, ‘cheque on hold’ or ‘cheque released’, and the parties that need to know can see my notes immediately, right in the system.”

The most successful brokerages attract and retain the best agents and the best agents look for brokerages that make it easy for them to do business. Technology that supports effective communication and efficient collaboration all in one location, while providing exceptional customer service, makes life easier for everyone – from the broker to the agents to the office administrators.  

The time for change is now. 

It’s common to fear change when it comes to new technology. After all, it’s new.  It’s complex. It’s challenging. But those aren’t reasons to prevent you from evolving into something greater.

“I was ready from the first time I saw the system,” stated Nazlee about eZmax.”Others were unsure if change was needed, or when the timing would be right. So we didn’t change for a while. In fact, we looked at eZmax for two years.” 

It’s not uncommon for businesses of any size to evaluate and consider new technologies for a long time; longer than necessary. It is that fear of change that prevents us from taking the next step, which often leads to the greatest successes. 

“This is why I tell other brokers, owners, administrators and managers not to wait to make the change. Change is inevitable. You have to embrace it to move forward. Lead by example through the process,” continued Nazlee.

“What made the difference in the end was the people at eZmax. We kept seeing eZmax at franchise and industry events; they were engaging and building great relationships – and real estate is a relationship business.”

Advice to brokerages

When asked what she would tell other brokerages looking to make a change from their current technology to eZmax, Nazlee simply stated,” I always tell them don’t be hesitant. Don’t waste time waiting. It will change your operations for the better. It is not a small effort but in the end, looking back, it has been the best decision for our company and our future.”

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