Free Office Assessment Guide

Free Office Assessment Guide

Assessing the needs of your real estate business ensures you don’t become complacent in old ways. Why take the time to do an assessment now? Read on for some more perspective. Or if you are ready to jump right in on how to assess your brokerage and office needs, then be sure to grab your free Office Assessment Guide download below. It outlines numerous questions every broker/owner should ask themselves and their operations staff.

Do your due diligence from the start. Take the time to analyze what your business needs to grow and increase value for current and prospective agents. Conduct an audit of your current processes and systems and document the reality of how things are being done today, i.e., transaction management, accounting practices, security measures, paperless methods, agent communication, etc. The clarity gained from this exercise will serve as a solid foundation on which to make change decisions.

Branding Expert and Author, Carolina Rogoll, suggests starting with two simple yet powerful questions when conducting an internal business assessment:

  • What is working for your business; and therefore, what should you continue doing?
  • What is not working for your business, and what should you stop doing?

Asking these questions across a broad spectrum of stakeholders is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of the inner workings of your business. It will highlight the business tools people value and identify problems that could spiral out of control if left unattended.

Once you have a list of responses, you can rank the issues based on their potential impact on the business. This ranking can then be used to assess how well a new technology may match your needs and goals.

Although it may be tempting, be careful not to shoehorn yourself into a take-it-as-is solution just for the perceived ease of implementation.  Every business is unique,  so a  certain degree of configuration or customization should be expected if the solution is truly going to meet your specific requirements. Choosing a platform that most closely matches your needs and aligns with your vision will drive the biggest wins for your business long term.


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