eZmax for Boosting Internal Communications

eZmax for Boosting Internal Communications

The vast majority of our communications today are both instant and wireless. Modern advancements in communications technology have made it so that customers, agents, and brokerages can be more interconnected than ever before. These technologies have given agents more flexible work schedules and the ability to work from anywhere. Broker/owners may have found, however, that these technological advances pose new challenges when it comes to communicating with their agents and admins. That’s where eZmax comes in. eZmax has powerful features that increase the impact of internal communications and ensure your employees get the information they need when they need it. Read on to learn about four of them.

Brokerage Announcements

Do you think your team members are still reading the announcements on the break room bulletin board? Guess again! Push important announcements to their computers or their phones to make sure everyone is seeing the information that they need. Consider not only the sharing of information with your office operational platform, but also leverage that data to send relevant and timely information to interactive and dynamic display screens in your office. Your announcements, agent birthdays, price reductions, new listings and more are all data points to share to create a positive culture and strong internal and external communication for the brokerage. Imagine is that was all automated for you? It can be when your office is on a solution such as eZmax. eZmax gives you the power to be more effective on and offline.

Automatic Notifications

It’s hard to keep track of all of the moving parts of a real estate transaction. eZmax makes it easier with automatic notifications. As key deadlines approach, agents and admins receive reminders from the platform when documents or signatures are missing or if any conditions are lapsing. Your team will never have to scramble with a last-minute document or signature request again.

Task Lists

eZmax also helps agents and admins keep track of their responsibilities with tasks lists that display tasks by priority with colour coding to ensure that the most important tasks are seen and completed first. Is a document needed to complete sale? Does the agent need to validate a file or schedule a notarization? The tasks are all there, ready for your team to check them off the list.


You will no longer need long and pointless email chains, Post-its, or paper airplanes to share comments on files or deals in your office. The eZmax solution has a powerful, collaborative commenting feature that keeps all the information right where agents need it. Enabling effective and timely communication between administrative staff and agents on deals submitted to the office. And a record is kept too! When people work in one system not only is duplicate entry of data entry avoided, everyone is clear and on task. Agents are not required to go in and out of email, risking a missed message or being confused as to “which listing is that?”.  When people are clear, more gets done, better and faster.

The brokerages that will succeed tomorrow need powerful, scalable, and effective tools that help them work more efficiently today. Streamlining your internal communications is just one of the many advantages of using eZmax.

To find out more, visit www.ezmax.ca or call for a free demo at 1-844-43-EZMAX (1-844-433-9629).

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