Standout from the Competition

Standout from the Competition

The real estate industry is getting tougher. New entrants, attracted by a hot market, are getting in to try to get a piece of the pie. Existing competitors are tightening their belts and finding creative ways to cut costs and increase productivity. Customer expectations are shifting toward an emphasis on social media, mobile technology, and instantaneous agent responses. In other words, broker/owners are facing challenges and responding to changes they’ve never seen before. There is no choice but to act.


Technology is one of the ways astute broker/owners are creating new possibilities for their businesses. eZmax is a technological solution that broker/owners can harness to up their game and stay ahead of their competition. Broker/owners want the best tools that give them the best ROI. That tool is eZmax. Want to be the best? Here are four ways eZmax can help you get a leg up on your competitors.


Unify your processes, unify your people

eZmax is the most unified solution on the market. Every aspect of the real estate transaction can be seamlessly managed with eZmax. Your accounting, sales, and administrative teams can all work on the same platform and see each other’s work in real time, ensuring your team is working as one and saving you time and money.


Wasted time means money lost

Real estate industry leaders are not the ones who work the fastest, they’re the ones who work the smartest. eZmax can help you streamline your processes and create productive efficiencies throughout your business. Communicate quickly with all parties involved, get signatures for all your important documents in the blink of an eye, transmit files to stakeholders with a single click… all of this and more is possible with eZmax.


A team is only as good as its players

In the hyper-competitive real estate market, the best agents and admins will go where they can make the most money or where the working environment is the best. Employee retention is critical: you want to attract the best players to your team and keep them there.

eZmax helps your agents work smarter and be more productive, allowing them to make more money with less hustle. It also makes your agents look good in the eyes of your customers because eZmax allows them to provide a premium service. Broker/owners can also use eZmax’s powerful performance tracking features to know which agents may need additional training, which are performing well, and which are excelling and should be recognized for their hard work.


Boost your image

Word of mouth and referrals are huge in real estate. Customers that are impressed with your agents’ responsiveness and the quality of your brokerage’s services are likelier to provide referrals. eZmax allows your entire team to wow your customers at every turn, from drafting the initial paperwork to closing.


With all the time and money you save by implementing eZmax, you could finally find the resources to up your real estate social media game with virtual open houses on Facebook, install cutting-edge digital displays, or even take a longer vacation… the choice is yours!

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