Are you controlling your tech, or is it controlling you?

Are you controlling your tech, or is it controlling you?

It’s time for you to take back control.

Chances are, your technology platform of yesterday is no longer performing at the level you require to tackle the real estate challenges of tomorrow. Your competitors are increasing their productivity and reducing costs with paperless offices, mobile-based transaction management, and versatile cloud-based platforms. You invested in a system that made a lot of promises but is no longer keeping them. Your calls for change fall on deaf ears and the features your team desperately needs never seem to come.

You’re tired of empty promises. You’re tired of waiting.

You deserve a solution that checks off every item on your wish list. One that unites your team and makes everyone’s job easier. When looking at your technology, you need to assess options that provide your business with better choices, better integration, and allows you to be more productive with less busy work. Wave goodbye to your outdated dinosaur system the way you said so long to floppy disks.

Brokerages must account for a staggering number of tasks. When assessing your brokerage’s technology, you need to ask yourself if it truly unifies workflows and centralizes the management of administrative tasks.

Technology in your brokerage can be broken down into 4 different categories:

  • Real estate brokerage accounting and back office management
  • Electronic document management (EDM)
  • Transaction management
  • E-signature

Gaining control of your technology applications means finding the pieces that can be used together or separately to create a solution that is tailored to your needs and scalable for growth.

Your technology should help align your needs and wants with the needs and wants of your agents and admins. It is a platform that helps broker/owners make the most informed decisions about their business. Broker/owners are always in the driver’s seat, setting user credentials and ensuring that sensitive business information is only seen by those who need it. Use data to drive the decisions that matter most to you.

Do you worry about retaining top talent? Your technology needs to allow agents to provide better customer service, so your buyers are wowed at every turn. Need a buyer signature? An agent should be able to send a request to the buyer, who can sign on their phone while waiting to buy a coffee. Need to add an important document to the buyer’s file? Agents should be able to input the information or scan the document to PDF right from their phones. Providing the best tools on the market to your team will increase engagement and employee loyalty, ensuring your team always has the best players.

Is your team losing time because the information you need isn’t available in real time? Your technology should sync with MLS up to three times a day, so you don’t have to wait for your listings to be updated.

Do you feel like your dream of an efficient paperless office is actually a pipe dream? Do you ever look over your agents’ shoulders, only to see that their files are a mess of loose papers plastered with Post-its? Other systems promise smooth paperless rollouts and high functionality, but agents find themselves reverting to old-fashioned paper sticky notes and lists to ensure they do everything that needs to be done.

Having control of your technology means it is implemented in a way to help your business. It means it provides agents with regular reminders on their computers and phones to ensure that tasks are completed on schedule. It automatically notifies agents of any missing documents, signatures, and conditions lapsing before crisis mode begins. Agents and their teams get increased peace of mind while pushing less paper, saving time, money, and hassle.

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